The Single Cell Genomics Team at the CNAG is dedicated to advancing genome research of single cells.


The mission of the group is the implementation of the latest single-cell and spatial sequencing technologies and their application in a research and translational/clinical context. The group focuses on the systematic integration of genomic data from individual cells to elucidate causalities underlying cell identities in health and disease. 


The group joins computational, genomics, immunology, and biotechnology expertise to establish and apply best practices in single-cell and spatial research. The group combines technology development activities with research lines that center on cell atlas projects, immuno-oncology, and immune-mediated diseases. The group is a member of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) project and LifeTime initiative, with projects to generate atlases of human immune cells, the pancreas and kidney. Dr. Heyn is also co-chairing the Standards and Technology working group to scout, benchmark and scale emerging technologies for the HCA and wider Genomics community.


The Single Cell Genomics Team successfully established protocols to quantify gene expression, immune repertoires, and open chromatin sites of hundred-thousands of isolated single cells (10x Chromium X, 10x Chromium Connect, Singleron, FluentBio, MissioBio Tapetri, etc) or in tissues (Nanostring CosMx, BGI Stereo-seq, 10x Visium). Their computational pipelines together with their long-standing experience allow sophisticated analysis of single-cell and spatial data and a meaningful interpretation of results.





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Holger Heyn

Team Leader

Giulia Lunazzi

Project Manager

Mohamed Abdalfttah

Data Analyst

Sergio Aguilar

PhD Student

Ginevra Caratù

Lab Technician

Elena Domènech

Lab Manager

Laura Jiménez

PhD Student

Patricia Lordén

Lab Technician

Helena Crowell

Postdoctoral Fellow

Davide Maspero

Postdoctoral Fellow

Juan Nieto

Postdoctoral Fellow

Paula Nieto

PhD Student

Miren Berasategui

Lab Technician

Sara Ruiz

Lab Technician

Irepan Salvador

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Postdoctoral Fellow

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Phd Student
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