The Genome Assembly and Annotation Team performs genome projects, from design of the de novo sequencing strategy, on through assembly and annotation of the genome.

The objective is to shed light on large large eukaryotic genomes and transcriptomes from animals, plants and also organelles, endosymbionts, metagenomes, metatranscriptomes and cancer genomes. The Team focuses on incorporating new technologies and developing new computational protocols as each project demands, to address the sheer size of the data and the repetitive structure of genomes and to achieve a rapid robust annotation pipeline.

The Team is member of the main genomics initiatives in Spain and worldwide, such as ERGA, BGE and Catalan Biogenome Project.

Tyler Alioto

Team Leader

Francisco Camara

Bioinformatics Technician

Fernando Cruz

Data Analyst

Jèssica Gómez

Bioinformatics Technician
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