The Data Platforms and Tools Development team designs and develops user-friendly platforms and tools to analyse large amounts of omics data, including genomics and phenotypes. It leverages big data technologies and the micro-services paradigm while following best practices around security.


The team makes use of distributed parallel computing resources such as Apache Spark, SQL and distributed No-SQL databases. The development of federated infrastructures for data discovery and data analysis, including federated learning, are among the innovative solutions designed by the team.

Davide Piscia

Lead Software Engineer

Alberto Corvò

Front-end Engineer

Alejandro García

Data Engineer

Ángel Blanco

Devops Engineer

Sergio Medrano

Front-End Software Engineer

Daniel Picó

Systems Administrator

Oriol Torres

QA Engineer

Anastasios Papakonstantinou

Software Engineer

Sofia Chaves

UX Designer

Joel Dieguez

Data Engineer

Guillermo Vázquez

Backend Engineer

Ioana-Damaris Teoc

Front-end Developer
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