The Functional Genomics Team focuses on the process, analysis, and interpretation of RNA expression and the development of expression analysis pipelines.

The main objective is to develop new workflow management systems that enable the creation of reproducible and scalable data analyses. At CNAG, the Team interacts closely with the Bioinformatics and Statistical Development Team (with the development of the analysis pipelines and choice of statistical analyses) and with the Genome Assembly and Annotation Team (for expression analysis in species lacking a comprehensive genome annotation).

The Team participates in international initiatives such as the Solve-RD and others projects related to rare diseases and cancer.

Anna Esteve

Team Leader

Marc Dabad

Bioinformatics Technician

Eloi Casals

Software Engineer

Beatriz Martín

Bioinformatics Technician

Tomàs Montserrat

Bioinformatics Technician
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