The management and support structure at the CNAG-CRG includes the directorate of the centre, the project management, the administration and the communication areas.


The project management area liaises with potential collaborators from research institutions, hospitals or the private sector, giving assistance in project design, planning and cost calculation. It actively contributes to the dissemination of CNAG-CRG activities in national and international meetings and events. It also supports CNAG-CRG researchers on several issues regarding grant proposal preparation, reporting, budgeting and follow up of competitive funds.


The administration area acts as a liaison between the CNAG-CRG community on the one side and the RRHH, Grants, Finance, Information Technologies and Legal Departments at the CRG on the other side. It ensures the availability of adequate funds to acquire the resources needed to efficiently achieve the planned strategic objectives; supervises the compliance of internal administrative policies; and manages the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in order to optimize internal processes and ensure a smooth and continuous information flow within the organization.


The Communications office prepares information regarding research carried out at the CNAG-CRG and takes care of the website and organization of seminars and events.

Ivo Glynne Gut


Mónica Bayés

Strategy Coordinator

David González

Administrative Director

Katia López

Executive Assistant

Lidia Sevilla

Quality Manager

Elena Vila

Project Manager

Marina Vilaseca

Project Manager

Lídia Gamero

Corporate Communication and Institutional Relationships Officer
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