EUropean-CANadian Cancer network

EUCANCan is a European Canadian cooperation funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The four-year project aims at enhancing modern oncology, by implementing a cultural, technological and legal integrated framework across Europe and Canada, to enable and facilitate the efficient analysis, management and sharing of cancer genomic data.

This cooperative framework is not only expected to immediately contribute to improve biomedical research in cancer, but to also serve as a model for globalizing and enriching Personalized Medicine initiatives, allowing the exchange of data, clinical experience and information across different national health systems.

These major efforts have organised our internal work plan into some major tasks:

- Homogenize protocols for genome analysis (variant calling and interpretation) that allows the direct comparison of genomic results without the need of reanalysis.

- Generation of standards for the organization, indexing and sharing of clinical data, close or inside healthcare systems.

- Implement interoperability protocols for data storage, indexing, and exchange between the different nodes, including replicated data portals for searching and accessing data.

- Definition of an ethico-legal frame that, not only allows the free and legal exchange of genomic and clinical data between countries, but that also rescues the compromise that the research community has with patients, promoting ethical practices of cooperation and data sharing.

More info:

David Torrents (BSC, Spain)