The CNAG and CERCA have signed an agreement to facilitate access to scientific and technological services offered by the CNAG in the field of genomic sequencing and analysis

With the establishment of this framework agreement, both institutions seek to promote, from a collaborative perspective, the development of genome research in Catalonia, consortium participation in competitive large-scale genome projects, dissemination of scientific advances as well as promotion of innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology.


The initiative is part of the actions undertaken by the CERCA Institute aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its members, promoting the generation of synergies, promoting and supporting excellence and generating economies of scale to optimize existing resources. The agreement will also serve to consolidate a multidisciplinary genome research area of strategic interest for the development of multiple competitive sectors of socio-economic relevance, such as biomedicine, agriculture, food biotechnology, renewable energy and environmental bioengineering.


In virtue of this agreement, the CNAG will provide the centers that integrate the CERCA Institute access to its scientific and technological services, data preprocessing systems and laboratory equipment; will provide advisory and consulting services in sequencing technologies, as well as consulting offices and technical assistance in the preparation and implementation of new projects; will house research staff from CERCA centers in its facilities (under a stay or exchange basis) for purposes of training and collaborative research, and will offer consortium participation in competitive projects and joint actions for the provision of services to third parties.


In addition, the CNAG will promote the joint organization of training and dissemination actions (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) among researchers, technicians, health personnel, teaching staff, and other interested professionals.


“At present, genome analysis is a fundamental element in medical, biological and agro-food research. Thanks to this agreement, we aim to consolidate as a useful tool in the Catalan research system, providing added value to the researchers we work with and, ultimately, to society”, stressed Ivo Gut, director of the CNAG.