Seminar by Gerd Maass, Global Head of Biomarkers and Pathway Analysis, Roche

May 10th, 2011 12.00h

Aula fèlix serratosa

Edifici clúster parc científic barcelona

baldiri reixac, 10 08028 barcelona

t +34 93 403 71 71

Biomarkers have become increasingly important clinical and research tools in life sciences. They have the potential to validatenovel drug targets and pathways, confirm mechanism of action, support clinical proof of concept, monitor and predict response to therapy. Developed and validated properly, biomarker assays have the potential of saving lives of many cancer patients.

This session describes Roche’s strategies in developing novel biomarker assays to support the clinical development of targeted therapies and also other advances in personalized medicine.

- A short description of biomarker development and its current challenges for oncology drug development.
- The interplay between Roche’s Pharma and Diagnostics Divisions in Personalized Health Care.
- Concrete examples from clinical oncology programs.