Seminar by Adam S. Corner, Senior Application Scientist, RainDance Technologies

September 23th 2011 - 10.00h

Aula Fèlix Serratosa

Edifici Clúster - Parc Científic Barcelona

Baldiri Reixac 10, Barcelona

t +34 93 403 71 71

RainDance Technologies™ is a provider of innovative microdroplet-based technology that is finding broad application in the research, prediction and prevention of human diseases. The first major application area from RainDance is targeted sequencing, providing unique sequence enrichment capability to maximize the efficiency and drive down the costs of the Next Generation Sequencing platforms.


Our technology allows the preparation of up to 2,000,000 picoliter-volume PCR reactions using primer libraries containing up to 20,000 discrete primer pairs.Each individual droplet hosts a robust single-plex PCR reaction.

RainDance technology is suitable for a range of targeted sequencing applications including: candidate gene lists, regions of association, signaling pathways and deep sequencing of heterogeneous tumor
samples. Ready to use panels available: Oncology, ADME, Autism, X-Link disorders and HLA .More applications to come, including: digital PCR (availability beginning of 2012), cell isolation, preservation and sorting, and protein analysis .


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