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2016 BBMRI-LPC Whole Exome Sequencing Call

BBMRI-LPC offers the unique opportunity to genetically diagnose rare disease patients with samples deposited in the EuroBioBank network. The program will provide free-of-charge Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and bioinformatics analysis for a total of 500 samples, including rare disease patients and their relatives, from 10-30 coordinated projects.
The sequencing and analysis will be carried out at the CNAG-CRG and at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI).

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Epigenetics: new tool for precision medicine

In a series of four papers published in Nature Biotechnology and Nature Communications, an international group of scientists, with participation of the CNAG, have marked the feasibility of epigenetic analysis for clinical diagnostics and precision medicine.

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“Summer Scientists” visit the CNAG

The CNAG participates in the seventh edition of the Campus Program Científicos de Verano (Summer Scientists) that is taking place throughout the month of July. During this month groups of 30 students will visit the centre and learn what we do at the CNAG.